Have a pasion for eyelashes?
Come work with us.

Want to work at Integrity Lash?

Here at Integrity Lash, we’ve worked hard for the last eleven years to build a thriving business with a reputation for excellence. Fortunately, we succeeded. Unfortunately, we weren’t exactly prepared for that success. Now, we’re booked solid with standing clients, and our wait list is long enough to stretch from one side of the salon to the other.

Apparently, this crisis requires immediate resolution. Maybe you are ready to try working at a different lash salon where quality not speed is the highest value.

Do you hold a valid cosmetology or esthetician license in the state of California? Are you looking for full-time employment at a salon that offers a minimum income of $50,000 a year? Do you want to be part of a team that will cover your back and push you to be the best lash stylist you could be? If so...please read on.

For starters we offer the following benefits:

1) Health and dental insurance

2) Vacation Pay

3) 5 paid sick days

4) 2 paid 15 minute breaks

5) Paid monthly training

6) Employee discounts

7) Free Lashes

8) Free lunches and quarterly company events

9) We plan to add more things like 401K's and other perks.

We have built a very positive and uplifting culture where it's safe to be you and pursue both your personal and professional dreams. We do our best to make work fun and to really support our staff. Our management's job is to first take care of our staff and if we do a good job, we know you'll take wonderful care of the guests. Recently we started a "secret society" in our salon who's sole job is to bring fun and excitement to the work place. Their job is to once or twice a month come up with a fun activity that will disrupt our day with fun. We work very hard but we also like to have fun doing it!


Our ideal candidate will have an active occupational license in good standing and will share our strong commitments to promptness, professionalism, and client safety.

Why should you come work with us? Plenty of reasons!

1) We are the highest rated lash salon on Yelp.

2) We were chosen by LA Magazine (2014) as the best place to get your lashes done.

3) This last year Vanity Fair picked us one of the best lash salons in SoCal for the Oscars.

4) Salon Today also selected us as one of the top 200 salons in the North America two years in a row.

Our salon is professional and has plans on taking over the lash world (we are just a little ambitious).

We also are also a fierce advocate for the rights of beauty workers, so you’ll find that our policies and practices are entirely different than what you’re probably used to.

1) We firmly believe lash stylists should spend their time at work doing what they love, so your job duties will include applying eyelash extensions. That’s it. No toilet scrubbing, reception duties, “marketing” yourself, counting inventory, or sitting around waiting for clients without pay. If a client “no shows”, we’ll expect you to help out around the salon, but that maybe happens once a week (you still get paid even if they "no show"). From the day you start with us, your books will be full and you’ll be doing your craft.

2) We provide all tools and equipment. We will provide you your own personal $1500 set of loupes and the best set of tweezers you will ever use.

3) We won’t throw you to the wolves. All employees are trained in our technical and service protocols, so you’ll never feel lost or unprepared.

4) We follow the law and contribute to our employees’ taxes like all good employers should. Our employees are just that—employees. (That means NO 1099’s! You won't be stuck with a large tax bill at the end of the year)

5) We support your continued professional development by holding monthly technical workshops—and yes, you’ll be paid to participate.

How important is skill level/experience? We are looking for people with one year of experience and know they were born to do lashes. That said, we provide every employee with paid extensive training that can last two to five months to ensure mastery of our service protocols, so we greatly prioritize hard-working applicants with positive attitudes.

Check out our our YouTube channel to get a feel for our salon. Please submit your resume to paul@integritylash.com (A video resume is even better...surprise us with something fun). Please do not call or show up unannounced expecting an audience with management.

We hope to hear from you soon!

Paul & Tussanee

Integrity Lash