Lashes 101 (FAQ)


It’s new in some circles, yet the tres chic have long since known the power of the augmented lash. Simply put, beautiful lashes beguile both the onlooker and the wearer. It’s truly feminine to feel beautiful. A thicker lash line will always add visual intrigue to a pair of ordinary of peepers, but the rub is finding a place you can call home.

The artistry of lash extensions is more than creating a precise bond of adhesive to a truly isolated eyelash. Beautiful authentic looking lashes are expressed in more than one dimension than length and thickness. A living set is more than than just the sum of lash lengths. The lashes you want are more than a “look” you pulled from a page of w. You want your lashes to be lived in, not posed. You want to look naturally beautiful, effortlessly chic and undetectably faux. There are many pathways to a sublime lash line, and tussanee of integrity lash has forged a systematic approach to assessing and creating dynamically lush sublime lash line, and tussanee of integrity lash has forged a systematic approach to assessing and creating dynamically lush lines.Lashes grow as individuals, not as a team. Knowing how to read the stages of growth of each individual hair is the key.

There are six specific variables beyond length and thickness such as angle and shape that influence the authentic outcome.Eyes and lids come in all different shapes, and a successful artist keeps in mind the perspective she’s working on is not the perspective of the wearer. The successful lash artist must be guided by a discipline that holds both views in her sight.Beautiful lashes are the marriage of technical precision and smart design. Integrity lash creates precise and placed right extensions.

Can I Wear Contacts?


Can I Wear Mascara With My Extensions?

Absolutely…but most of our clients no longer need mascara once they get our lashes

How Many Lashes Do You Put On?

We try to put on 120-150 lashes on per eye. Now some people have less and some of our guests ask to have less. No matter what we will make sure your lashes look natural.

How Long Will My Appointment Take?

Your first appointment with us will take 3 hours for a full set of lashes. After your first appointment, it will take 1.5 -2 hours for a fill.  All of our lash designers have been trained by Tussanee and technically they are very similar.

What Should I Do Before I Come In For My Lashes?

Please remove all your makeup around your eyes before you come in. If you don’t the time, we’ll remove it for you when your arrive. Please do no use strivectin 3 days prior to coming in. It interferes with the bonding.

How Long Will My Extensions Last?

For most of our clients, they last at least 4 weeks. Some people can go as long as 5 weeks while some need to come in every 2-3 weeks. It all depends on how fast your lashes grow.

Are There Any Side Effects From The Adhesive?

Yes. Some people can develop an allergic reaction to the adhesive (5% of the population is allergic to cyanoacrylates). It usually presents after 3-4 exposures (3-4 months after initial application) to the adhesive. For those who are allergic, the morning after their service the lids of the eyes will be puffy - more swollen than a night of crying. The eyeballs will be “quiet”- no redness or discharge.

This condition cannot be avoided by changing brands of adhesive. It will occur every time lashes are applied to an allergic person using the cyanoacrylate. There is relief and clients can continue to enjoy extensions with the allergy, but it will require a visit to a knowing ophthalmologist familiar with working with the nuances of extensions in order to obtain a prescription cream that will prevent the inflammation from occurring when lashes are reapplied.

If you have suffered from this kind of allergy, there is relief available, and it is not based upon changing name brands of adhesive. We can refer you to a trustworthy ophthalmologist who can help you treat the reaction.

What Kind Of Adhesive Do You Use?

The type of adhesive we use for lash extension application is called a cyanoacrylate.

There Are Silk And Mink Lashes – What Kind Do You Use? What Are The Lashes Made Of?

Many manufacturers call their products “mink” and “silk” but most are synthetic.

We use 100% polyester fiber extensions. They have cute names like “silk” and “mink” but they aren’t actually made of the stuff, they’re synthetic.

We stock an extremely wide selection of lash lengths, thicknesses, and curl shapes - far beyond the typical “start-up lash kits” available to professionals. This variety ensures you the best look for your eyes - not just the most popular sizes.

Most Reputable Places Do Individual Lashes. Is This What You Do?

Yes. But the smart consumer understands that individual extensions can still be applied without panache or despite very good intentions, flat out wrong. In the hands of the unskilled, individual lashes can be incorrectly applied resulting in artificial or less desirable results. Tussanee’s approach delivers consistent authentic lashes that will preserve the integrity of your lashes.

Do Extensions Cause Your Lashes To Fall Out?

No, not when they are precisely bonded and placed right. When lashes are done with the active growth phase, they will shed normally. Integrity lashes are known to shed singly. If extensions are the wrong fit or stuck together they can fall out together, pulling out in clusters or clumps. Your lashes are given individualized attention and are isolated and precisely bonded. They are matched to the right variable and placed right according to your unique anatomy.