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Our Story

Lash extensions make everyone look better. The secret to more defined eyes that impart a youthful sparkle is the definition gained by adding single extensions to your lash line.

Back in 1993, learning to apply cluster lashes was the highlight of week 24 of beauty school. I had a knack for it and my fellow students saw what a difference it made for our eyes. They lined up in our matronly old fashioned white smocks and black pants, the ugly uniform of the soon-to-be-beauty-professionals. I laid those little party lashes on with semi-permanent adhesive and they batted their eyes all the way to the time clock. But the party was short lived. Not before long, as eager as everyone was to get on the cluster lash bandwagon were they clamoring like horde to to get off it and have their lashes removed.


Because after a week, they hurt like hell.

So I wondered why. At the time, I came to an erroneous conclusion. This story is relevant because this same incorrect conclusion is what many people come to today about lash extensions. At the time I pondered why the lashes hurt after wearing them a week . I believed it was do to poor quality products. I shelved the idea of lashes until better glues hit the market. I thought the mystery of the lash pain was solved when I discovered new techniques and new products in the lash arena being showcased at an industry convention in 2005.

I dropped my cash and ran to learn how to do these new “lash extensions”. The emphasis was placed on the fact that these were single fibers attached one at a time to a client’s own lashes.

After becoming a trainer to gain experience with the technique, I realized it is not the products, nor the brand names that determine a successful set. The secret in a good set of lashes is totally dependent on the technique of the technician. It’s how the adhesives are used, it’s how the lashes are placed, it’s how they are selected, how they are isolated, how they are combined. It involves using the correct amount of adhesive, the correct amount of dry time.