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Ingrid F.
Anaheim, CA

I have been wanting to go to Integrity for over a year because of their high reputation and I was not disappointed!
Last year I dealt with severe lash loss due to an auto immune disease that caused my lashes to thin and fall out. I had to wear flash lashes everyday and even when my lashes grew back, I still wanted that long perfect lash look.
The first appointment with Integrity was with Gina and she was awesome. I showed her the false lashes I wear so she could she the style I wanted and she listened and I love them! It took about 2.5 hours for her to complete them, but the lengthy time was well worth it!
My lashes are full and still look so good after two weeks.
I did choose a style that requires refills every 3-4 weeks max, but for more natural looks their lashes will last up to 5 weeks!
I'm so glad I waited and went with Integrity Lash. I live in Anaheim and have no problem driving almost an hour to Pasadena. The service here is superb and with every minute and dollar!

Word of advice: There is plenty of parking in the back of the store. Make sure to play it safe and pay for the max amount of time, which is either 3 or 4 hours. It's only $6.

Norma R.
Pasadena, CA

If you have been thinking of getting lash extensions and don't know where to go or you are afraid of trying a new salon look no more. You have to go to Integrity Lash. There is a reason they have 5 stars on here.
First, from the minute you call them till you leave your appointment, they go above and beyond for you. They make you feel comfortable and make sure all of your needs and concerns have been met.
I arrived at my appointment and was greeted by a very nice receptionist who offered me water, coffee or tea. Filled out a simple form and was seated in a room within 5 minutes. Their salon is beautiful. I wanted to keep taking pictures of it because I was so impressed by it.
Krista Ryan was my lash technician. And I don't think anything I say can explain how amazing she is.
First, she is such a sweetheart. She asked how I liked my lashes and if there was something I did or did not want. She had a blanket and fan in case I needed either one. First she placed a gel under my eye and did an eye therapy on me WOW! That was amazing!
She had three hours to work on me but asked me if I was okay staying a little over because I have so many lashes. (previous salon had told me the same and were amazed at the amount of lashes I have). It was very nice of her to extend my appointment time to achieve the look she wanted on me. I am so happy with my lashes. I walked into work today and everyone loves them. They keep telling me how natural they look. Many of our patients throughout the day have asked me about them and I am happy to tell them about Integrity Lash.
There are many salons in Pasadena you can try, but will they all be amazing? I don't think so. In fact, there is a lash salon right down stairs from my office that offers me 50% off but their staff is extremely rude and the pictures they have on their Yelp and Instagram of the lashes they have placed are not so great.
Integrity lash truly differs from other salons in how they place lashes and the care for them. They go over how important it is to clean them every day so you can have long lasting lashes. Trust me, you need to give them a chance.

Sandi S.
Enschede, The Netherlands

I've been getting my lashes done for a good year, and this is the most amazing place I've ever been to! I've been going to different places, but I really wish I knew about this place sooner.

At first, it was kind of hard getting my initial appointment in because they only had times available that rich housewives would be able go to (not working women like myself). Sorry if that comes off as blunt, but it's how I felt. I can't go taking 3 hours off from work to get my lashes done (or I'd never be able to afford it!). Eventually I was able to get a slot that worked with my schedule, and after that I just made sure to schedule a month or 2 in advance for the follow up appointments!

Coming here really feels like a "treat yoself" event. The salon is very pretty, and they offer complimentary drinks and snacks for before or after your appointment. It's also in a nice part of Lake near other cafes and shops, so I really enjoy my time here after my appointment.

My entire time going here, Krista has been my lash technician. She is super friendly and does an awesome job every time on my lashes! The lashes here last a good month, so I really come in once a month to get them done (as oppose to every 2-3 weeks). Also, you are allowed to get them wet right away! They told me that getting the lashes wet solidifies to glue and helps the lashes last longer. I've NEVER had any issues with the glue irritating my skin or wonky lash extensions.

This place is a bit pricey, but it isn't unreasonable (if you are used to paying for lash extensions). Considering the quality, it's totally worth it. I love that they also offer lash packages, for returning clients! If I wasn't leaving the country soon, it's definitely something I would invest in! 

My only complaint is the parking lot. It's not free :( 2 dollars per hour, and I usually go for the 2 hour appointments. I guess after paying over $100 dollars for lash extensions, what's another few dollars for parking lol.

Cristina T.
South Pasadena, CA

So much love and appreciation to Cindy for taking such good care of me tonight while I was feeling under the weather and l in need of a pick-me-up... And she made me feel so special just 2 days before my birthday! Cindy has a true passion for eyelash extensions! She is extremely detail-oriented to every single eyelash applied. I have been coming to Integrity Lash for over a year. I keep coming back because simply put- the quality of work. I work in the aesthetics field and my colleagues are always complimenting me on my eyelashes. The secret- Integrity Lash! (But, lets keep that secret between just you and me!)

Lindsey T.
Arcadia, CA

Thank you!! They are so kind and made it such a relaxing experience! I still have lashes on that look great and it's been 6 weeks! Thank you Julianna! She took her time to ask what I wanted and explained everything that was going to happen. They are very informative and knowledgeable about eyelash extensions! It was a great experience and would definitely go back! Thank you!!

Nwaka O.
Los Angeles, CA

After going to several lash extension salons, Integrity Lash was going to be my last attempt and I'm so happy I went. I tried a junior stylist first just to see if I liked the experience. I booked with Krista (who is AMAZING!!) and have been going there since December 2016. My lashes are super curly and difficult for stylist to work with. But the technique used by Integrity Lash technician across the board is unified so you don't have one stylist doing something different from another and I Love That!! The adhesive does NOT burn and they last for 3-4 weeks if you care for them right!! Love Integrity Lash #triedandtrue and THANK YOU KRISTA

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