Integrity Lash Boot Camp

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The journey to lash mastery takes years. We feel that if you really want to learn how to do lashes right, you need to spend hundreds of hours in training and practicing to get there. No one learned to be a hair stylist or esthetician in a day or two, and we feel no one can really learn how to be a lash stylist with just a day or two of training. This is why we are launching the Integrity Lash Boot Camp; it is a four week program where you will training with working lash professionals and get over a hundred hours of one on one training. This is a one of a kind program that will really give you the tools and skills to succeed in this competitive industry. We have been training our staff for 8 years now and now we are making this training available to other lash professionals.


  • 4 week classic Integrity Lash training for new or experienced lash professionals

  • 20 day training module

  • 110 hours of hands on training

  • Morning and night sessions available

  • Class size is limited to 6 students: 1 teacher for every 6 students

When you finish our 4 week course, you’ll...

  • Learn how to do the Integrity Bond which has made Integrity Lash the most award winning lash salon in Southern California.

  • Learn how to get 4 to 5 week retention for your clients

  • Learn how to do a classic lash application but get a volume look

  • Learn how to apply lashes in a way that gives them more dimension and makes them more natural looking

  • Learn how to bring a higher level of customer satisfaction to your clients

  • Learn our best practices on how to run a lash salon business

  • Learn how to price our service correctly and market yourself

  • Plus much, much more!