Integrity Lash






Our Apprentice Program

Please note: This program is only for lash stylists who have at least one year of experience.  

Learn to do lashes the Integrity Lash way. Our program is unique. We are different from other programs in several ways. It is only opened to California licensed cosmetologists or estheticians. Did you get your state license in one day? We believe that the skills required for long wearing beautiful lash extensions cannot be mastered in a weekend class. Our program is a minimum of 250 hours, and most achieve certification at 300 hours. We desire to build a solid team of dedicated and skilled professionals and are looking for a go getters that are willing to put skin in the game. We pay for our training and in return require a commitment to join our team.

Most other lash professionals who offer training are just looking to make money off of you and sell you a kit. That is not our way. We are not looking to train our competition. If we make a 2-3 month commitment to train you, our hope is to hire you when you are done with the training.

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